Sungkyunkwan Uni. V. LMI Tech. (Usa) Inc.

Sungkyunkwan Uni. V. LMI Tech. (Usa) Inc. (Chhabria, J.) (N.D. Cal. May. 3, 2017)


  • 7,957,639 | Entitled, “Method and system for determining optimal exposure of structured light based 3D camera.”


Court granted Defendant’s motion to dismiss because the patent was invalid for failure to claim patent-eligible subject matter. 

Abstract Idea:


Something More:



Optimizing exposure on a structured-light 3D camera.   


Court found the claim invalid because it failed to explain how the invention intends to optimize exposure. It sought to patent the idea of a solution rather than provide the actual solution of the problem. Given the breadth of the claims, the case was dismissed without prejudice. Patentee was given a chance to re-file and assert dependent claims that might avoid the issues of claim 1.