SAP America, Inc. v. Investpic, LLC

SAP America, Inc. v. Investpic, LLC, 3-16-cv-02689 (N.D. Tex., May 18, 2017) 


  • 6,349,291 | Entitled “Method and System for Analysis, Display and Dissemination of Financial Information Using Re-sampled Statistical Methods”


Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings Granted

Abstract Idea:


Something More:



Statistical method of analysis, display, and dissemination of financial data over a network


The claims were directed toward performing “statistical analysis” using mathematic formulas. Mathematic formulas and calculations are abstract ideas and are, therefore, patent-ineligible subject matter, absent finding ‘something more’ to transform the claim beyond the ineligible concept.  The Court then examined the other limitations claimed in the patent, and found these claims merely represented insignificant pre- and post- solution activity insufficient to add an inventive concept, and further, that executing an abstract idea on a generic computer did not add an inventive concept. The patent was, therefore, invalid.