HP Inc.et al. v. Big Baboon, Inc.

HP Inc.et al. v. Big Baboon, Inc. CBM2016-0020 (PTAB Jun. 28, 2016) 


6,996,538 | Entitled, “Inventory control system and methods” 


Final Written Decision granting petition 

Abstract Idea:


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Methods and systems of electronic inventory tracking by a third party, for example via the Internet. 


The PTAB found the claims were directed to the abstract idea of managing inventory in view of information. Petitioner met its burden to show that “providing or restricting access to customer information to distributors or suppliers, for example, based on who is assigned permission or roles, as a general matter, was a well-known process that could be performed manually, or by using already commercially available computer products.” The claims were not directed to a specific improvement in computer operations. The conventional tools recited by the specification did not add an inventive concept.