Audio MPEG, Inc. et al v. HP Inc.

Audio MPEG, Inc. et al v. HP Inc., No. 2-15-cv-00073 (Morgan, D.J.) (E.D. Va. Jul. 1, 2016) 


  • 5,323,396 | Entitled, “Digital transmission system, transmitter and receiver for use in the transmission system” 
  • 5,777,992 | Entitled, “Decoder for decoding and encoded digital signal and a receiver comprising the decoder”
  • 5,539,829 | Entitled, “Subband coded digital transmission system using some composite signals”


Denial of Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss for ineligible subject matter under § 101.

Abstract Idea:


Something More:



Systems for gathering data on parking availability and notifying portable devices.  


The court did not find the claims were directed to an abstract idea because the claims were similar to those found not invalid in Enfish, and likewise are directed to specific problem that makes computers more efficient. The claims used “specific equipment that encodes and decodes digital audio in a new way, using a specific format that is more efficient and flexible than previous methods to solve an existing problem,” quoting plaintiffs’ brief.