Pres. Wellness Techs. LLC v. Allscripts Healthcare Sols.

Pres. Wellness Techs. LLC v. Allscripts Healthcare Sols., No. 2:15-CV-1559-WCB, 2016 WL 2742379, at *1 (E.D. Tex. May 10, 2016)


7,640,271 | Entitled "System for Maintaining Patient Medical Records for Participating Patients"


Motion to dismiss for invalidity granted. 

Abstract Idea:


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A secure system for maintaining patient medical records, providing patients with remote access to their personal records, and providing patient health and treatment records to the patients' medical professionals by use of a network, such as a local network a wide area network, or a global computer network (e.g., the Internet).


The Court found the patent to be invalid under § 101 because “the idea at the heart of the ‘271 patent is to have a network-based system manage medical records to allow patients and physicians different levels of access to the records. The underlying idea is simply the performance of that function, not a technological solution that enables that function to be performed in a particular manner.” After finding that the patent was an abstract idea, the court then found that it did not include an additional inventive concept because no features of the claims involved a novel way of performing functions of the system.