Groundswell Technologies, Inc. v. Synapsense Corporation et al.

Groundswell Technologies, Inc. v. Synapsense Corporation et al., No. 2-15-cv-06024 (Birotte, D.J.)(C.D. Cal. Apr. 28, 2016)


6,915,211 | Entitled, “GIS based real-time monitoring and reporting system” 


Grant of Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim.

Abstract Idea:


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Systems and methods to convert sensor data into real-time spatial data layers for maps operating in conjunction with a geographical information system.


The court rejected Plaintiff’s contention that the claims must be directed to a single abstract idea, but instead cited cases showing that the claims may be directed to a series of abstract concepts that collectively constitute an abstract idea. Applying this principle, the court found that the claims of the asserted patent are directed to the abstract idea of “collecting data, analyzing data, and then converting that data into a visual representation on a map.” Use of generic sensors and telemetry equipment did not transform the abstract idea into an inventive concept, nor was it inventive to perform the abstract idea in real time.