Viglink, Inc., et al., v. Linkgine

Viglink, Inc., et al., v. Linkgine, CBM2014-00185 (PTAB, March 16, 2016)


8,027,883 | Entitled “Affiliate manipulation system and method”


Claims are patentable under § 101.

Abstract Idea:


Something More:



“Affiliate Manipulation System” that reallocates sales commissions “for sales leads by replacing the affiliate ID of the entity that generated the sales lead with an affiliate ID chosen by an intermediary.” 


The PTAB found that “allocating commissions, can be performed by humans, or with the aid of pencil and paper,” and that the patent claims “disclose few technological details, but rather focus on conventional computers performing the steps of receiving, delivering, and communicating data, none of which represent technological advances.”  As a result, the claims were directed at the abstract idea of “replacing one character set with another character set to denote the recipient of a commission.” Furthermore, the patent merely recited generic computer components and thus failed to include the “something more” sufficient to grant patentability.