Secured Structures, LLC v. Alarm Security Group, LLC,

Secured Structures, LLC v. Alarm Security Group, LLC, C.A. 14-cv-930 (Lead Case) (E.D. Tex. March 10, 2016).


6,134,303 | Entitled “United Home Security System.”


Rule 12(b)(6) Motion to Dismiss denied without prejudice. 

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Security System that can communicate with an off-site party responsible for administering and monitoring the security of the location.  


The Court denied the motion to dismiss on the grounds that many of the issues could not be resolved without addressing pending claim construction issues between the parties. “Defendants failed to adequately demonstrate the absence of fact and claim construction issues such that the only plausible reading is that of patent-ineligibility.” Nevertheless, the court invited the parties to file a similar motion following claim construction.