Network Congestion Solutions, LLC v. United States Cellular Corporation

Network Congestion Solutions, LLC v. United States Cellular Corporation, CA 14-903-SLR (D. Del. March 22, 2016)               Network Congestion Solutions, LLC v. Wideopenwest Finance, LLC, CA 14-904-SLR (D. Del. March 22, 2016)


6,826,620 | Entitled “Network congestion control system and method.”


Rule 12(b)(6) Motion to Dismiss is denied. 

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“Device located at the ingress/egress point of a communication network to monitor congestion notifications at the data link layer of the communication network, and proactively rate control the end user session(s) in response thereto.”


The Court found that the claims were not necessarily directed at an abstract idea because it was aimed at solving an issue unique to and specifically arising in the realm of computer networks. Additionally, even if the issue was an abstract idea, the patent was sufficiently specific and directed at a solution for a problem that arises in the computer context.