Global Cash Access, Inc., v. NRT Technology Corp, et. al.

Global Cash Access, Inc., v. NRT Technology Corp, et. al., CA. 15-00822-MMD0GWF, (D. NV. March 25, 2016). 


6,081,792 | Entitled “ATM and POS terminal and method of use thereof."


Motion to Dismiss Patent Claims Granted

Abstract Idea:


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Method for obtaining cash after the initial request at the ATM has been denied


The Court noted that the claims were directed at “[a] method of providing money, goods, services or the like to an account holder based on an account when the daily ATM limit set by a bank has been met, or when a debit or credit card [personal identification number (“PIN”) ] cannot be remembered.” This was a long standing abstract idea. Additionally, the claims simple utilized known computer components and software for their known purposes without elevating the process from the “well-understood, routine, conventional activities” already used to obtain cash. Thus the claims fall under Alice.