Telesign Corp. v. Twilio, Inc.

Telesign Corp. v. Twilio, Inc., CV 15-3240 PSG (SSx) (C.D. Cal. March 9, 2016)


  • 7,945,034 | titled “Process for determining characteristics of a telephone number”
  • 8,462,920 | titled “Registration, verification and notification system”
  • 8,687,038 | titled “Registration, verification and notification system”


Rule 12(c) Motion dismissed.

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Method for obtaining information about a registrant based solely on a proffered telephone number. 


Judge Philip S. Gutierrez denied the defendant’s motion for judgment for pleadings as premature in light of the fact that claim construction terms were still in dispute before the court.  The Court followed persuasive opinions from the District of New Jersey that claim construction was necessary before the court would determine patent eligibility under § 101. The case was subsequently stayed pending USPTO action on related IPR proceedings.