E-Loan, Inc. v. IMX, Inc.

E-Loan, Inc. v. IMX, Inc., CBM2015-00012 (Calve, Clements, and Murphy, APJ)(Feb. 16, 2016)


5,995,947 | Entitled “Interactive Mortgage and Loan Information and Real-Time Trading System” 


Final written decision invalidating claims

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Interactive mortgage and loan information system.


In its final written decision, panel found claims are directed to fundamental concept of “managing a loan application process.” The petitioner argued that the practice was conventional, citing to a statement in the patent that the goal of the inventions was to “eliminate this paper-intensive process through automation.”  The panel agreed, holding that the patent was directed to the longstanding commercial practice of loan processing.  The panel did not find any of the claim elements directed to the specifics of the database necessary to implement the automation sufficient to be considered an inventive concept sufficient to transform the claimed abstract idea into a patent-eligible subject matter.