NRT Technology Corp. and NRT Technologies, Inc.v. Everi Payments, Inc.

NRT Technology Corp. and NRT Technologies, Inc. v. Everi Payments, Inc., CBM2015-00167 (Fitzpatrick, APJ.) (Jan. 22, 2016)


6,081,792 | Entitled “ATM and POS terminal and method of use thereof”


Institution Denied

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Method of using a modified ATM or terminal that can access a bank via both an ATM network and a POS network


Petitioner did not show it was more likely than not that claims were directed to ineligible subject matter. Panel faulted Petitioner’s over-simplification of claims (“providing money to an account holder” and “trial-and error”), finding that claims are directed to particular methods of providing money to an account holder using an ATM via a POS transaction after an ATM transaction has failed.