Rothschild Location Technologies LLC v. Geotab USA, Inc.

Rothschild Location Technologies LLC v. Geotab USA, Inc., No. 15-cv-00682 (Love, M.J.) (E.D. Tex. Jan. 4, 2016)


8,606,503 | Entitled, “Device, System and Method for Remotely Entering, Storing, and Sharing Addresses for a Positional Information Device”


Magistrate judge recommended motion to dismiss due to unpatentable subject matter.

Abstract Idea:


Something More:



Method and system for remotely entering, storing, and sharing addresses for GPS devices.


The Court determined that the claims were directed to the abstract idea of retrieving an address from another location or device. It rejected plaintiff’s arguments in an attempt to bolster the technology and found that all the solutions in the claims relate to “ease, accuracy, and efficiency benefits achieved when any fundamental or well-known concept is implemented on a computer device.” The Court further opined that the invention did not direct the GPS device to perform anything more than generic computer tasks. In assessing the patent’s dependent claims, the court likewise ruled that they merely limited the format of certain information, how information was presented, and how information was stored and retrieved – all not meaningful limitations to confer patent-eligibility.