SAP AMERICA, INC., Petitioner, v. LAKSHMI ARUNACHALAM, Patent Owner.

SAP AMERICA, INC., Petitioner, v. LAKSHMI ARUNACHALAM, Patent Owner., CBM2016-00081 (PTAB November 15, 2016) 


  • 7,340,506 (“the ‘506 patent”) | Entitled “value-added network switching and object routing.” 


The PTAB issued a final written decision granting petition for covered business method patent review.

Abstract Idea:


Something More:



The ’506 patent relates to providing “a method and apparatus for providing real-time, two-way transactional capabilities on the network, including heterogeneous networks such as the Internet, World Wide Web (WWW), telephone network, wireless networks, cable television networks, and private enterprise networks.” 


The ‘506 patent fails the first step of the Alice framework, because the challenged claims of the ’506 patent are directed to the abstract idea of “providing commercial services over the Internet.” The ‘506 patent fails the second step of the Alice framework as well. The PTAB explained that the computer-related limitations that require nothing more than the routine and conventional use of a computer to receive, retrieve, and communicate information, and the handling of information requests do not transform the nature of the claims into a patent-eligible application of the abstract idea. To be limited meaningfully, the claim must contain more than mere field-of-use limitations, tangential references to technology, insignificant pre- or post-solution activity, ancillary data-gathering steps, or the like.