Synopsys, Inc v. Mentor Graphics Corporation

Synopsys, Inc v. Mentor Graphics Corporation, No 2015-1599 (Fed. Cir. Oct. 17, 2016) 


  • 7,631,065 | Entitled, “System, method and computer program product for merging data in a network-based filtering and aggregating platform” 
  • 5,530,841 | Entitled “Method for converting a hardware independent user description of a logic circuit into hardware components”

  • 5,680,318 | Entitled “Synthesizer for generating a logic network using a hardware independent description”

  • 5,748,488 | Entitled “Method for generating a logic circuit from a hardware independent user description using assignment conditions”



Affirmance of summary judgment

Abstract Idea:


Something More:



Methods and systems of logic circuit design


The court found no fault with the district court’s conclusion that the steps of the abstract claims could be performed mentally as the inventors admitted to performing the steps mentally themselves. The court rejected Synopsys’s contention that even if the claims could be so performed mentally, they were intended to be performed using computer technology, because the focus is on the claims and their scope, and the claims did not call for such technology. The court found no error that the district court did not expressly define the abstract idea. Turning to the inventive step, the court found no “technical solution” embodied in the claims.