JSDQ Mesh Technologies LLC v. Fluidmesh Networks

JSDQ Mesh Technologies LLC v. Fluidmesh Networks, No. 16-cv-212-GMS (D. D.E. Sep. 6, 2016) 


  • 7,698,196 | Entitled “Method of call routing and connection”
  • 7,916,648 | Entitled “Method of call routing and connection”
  • RE43,675 | Entitled “Wireless radio routing method”
  • RE44,607 | Entitled “Wireless mesh routing method”


Denial of Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss for ineligible subject matter under § 101.

Abstract Idea:


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Method of radio communications and routing and connection in a mobile radio system.


The District Court denied the defendant’s motion to dismiss for failing to meet its burden to show the claim it had selected was in fact representative of the remaining patents and claims in dispute, and for its failure to identify a consistent abstract idea. The court further held that it was not inclined to dismiss the claims without claim construction or appropriate discovery. Finally, the court found that potential factual issues also precluded dismissal at this stage.